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just a couple new songs and a really old one that i never used for anything


released July 17, 2014



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WTVR MOM Sacramento, California


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Track Name: PINK NAILS (prod. tv nicks)
i'm sorry i can't pay the rent because i spent all my money on dresses and lipstick that i won't even wear outside the apartment but at least i look good in pictures although my instagram is private
i don't have time to put on eyeliner but i buy faux fur coats from etsy designers and i can't afford to eat but at least i look finer

pink nails and gold fillings
i wished for no feelings
god told me i wasn't allowed to die so now i'm trying to find a way to kill me

i just spent 300 dollars in half an hour
i guess i just never went to college
i don't think i'd ever make it without you
Track Name: GREENER (prod. beinggigantic)
(i know this is love and it fell from above and i'm always afraid of waking up without you)

tell me how you're feeling green eyes
you know i try and i try and i try
he has thin lips but he's got thick thighs just the way i like

take me to the bed and pull my clothes off
i know its been a bad few weeks for you
you know you can count on me to do anything that you need me to do

shorty i will surely let you know but you know i could never go back home without you
you do what you have to but you know i could never let you go
i don't care if you don't like me i don't like me too
and i don't care about the shit you spew
i don't care about the way you say you miss me or you really wanna kiss me again
remember "we are just friends"

and i don't care that you're coming down for the weekend
or about the way you like to lie and pretend to all ur friends about who i am
and i don't care about the calls u make to me at 3 am like
"what are u doing tomorrow?
i really wanna see u i'll bring that album i borrowed"
but i really couldn't care less
i'll just ignore all ur texts
and lay in bed and just rest because

i fucking hate u!
how did i ever date u!