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7 gay as hell songs about gender dysphoria, mental illness, and unhealthy relationships

GREENER samples Plays Pretty for Baby by Zolof the Rock & Roll Destroyer

ALRIGHT samples Smother Me by The Used

WAITING samples The Ghost of You by My Chemical Romance


released October 16, 2014



all rights reserved


WTVR MOM Sacramento, California


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Track Name: PINK NAILS (prod. tv nicks)
i'm sorry i can't pay the rent because i spent all my money on dresses and lipstick that i won't even wear outside the apartment but at least i look good in pictures although my instagram is private
i don't have time to put on eyeliner but i buy faux fur coats from etsy designers and i can't afford to eat but at least i look finer

pink nails and gold fillings
i wished for no feelings
god told me i wasn't allowed to die so now i'm trying to find a way to kill me

i just spent 300 dollars in half an hour
i guess i just never went to college
i don't think i'd ever make it without you

i can't find a way to make sure that everything stays the same and i'm sure that once things change it'll take you away at the end of the day
Track Name: GREENER (prod. being gigantic)
(i know this is love and it fell from above and i'm always afraid of waking up without you)

tell me how you're feeling green eyes
you know i try and i try and i try
he has thin lips but he's got thick thighs just the way i like

take me to the bed and pull my clothes off
i know its been a bad few weeks for you
you know you can count on me to do anything that you need me to do

shorty i will surely let you know but you know i could never go back home without you
you do what you have to but you know i could never let you go
Track Name: ALRIGHT (prod. goon sweat)
white dog hair on my all black clothes
took me half an hour to find the right pose for a picture i know i won't post but at least i look cute though

i dyed my hair pink and pierced my nose
it took me 3 weeks just to let you know that i can't let go and you said that i'm all alone

i know you hate all my favorite songs but i'm alright with that
you treat like me like i'm so crazy and i'm alright with that

i'll let you hurt me if that means you're right and we don't fight anymore

i'm alright with that
Track Name: TWIN PEAKS (prod. ecipsoh)
i saw you at that dumb punk show with your face down looking at your phone
i wonder if you saw my post

i wonder if you liked my clothes
i wonder if i sat too close
i wonder if you checked my blog the second you got home

at the top of twin peaks with your lips pressed soft against my cheek
it was the best that i had felt in the past few weeks

but i don't miss you
i blocked your number and deleted all your texts cause "i'm not man enough" and you're a fucking mess

god damn it i hate you
i'm not just a joke to all your friends
i'm so glad that i won't see your face again
Track Name: XBF (prod. tv nicks)
he looks like my ex boyfriend
he lives down the street from my apartment
blonde hair green eyes thick thighs but that's no surprise just my type

he doesn't speak to me
he probably thinks i'm crazy
i'm gonna message him on grindr tell him be my baby

i know it's a bad idea we were together for a year
but i just cant stop myself from dreaming now that i know that he's queer

i know it's bad idea but you know i'm full of bad ideas
next time i see him at the bus stop i will tell him that i'm all his
wake up
check your phone
take a shower
strike a pose
put on your lipstick
stay at home
nobody listens
nobody knows

you know you're broke but you still spend your money on cute clothes and coke
and you don't call your folks because you're scared they saw the pictures and they think that you're a joke

skin soft but my attitude is hard
you can look but don't touch because my body is a work of art
nyx lipsticks and soy iced coffee
you can tell yourself you're worth it but your face will still look sloppy
Track Name: WAITING (prod. being gigantic)
i know you're lying
i can see it in your eyes when they glaze over every time i say i love you
you are somewhere else but not here

tell me the truth am i a fool for loving you?

for all the things that you never ever told me
and all the smiles that are ever gonna haunt me
and all the wounds that are ever gonna scar me
for all the ghosts that are never gonna catch me

i think that i should go home now i know my family's waiting
and if you ever change your mind

i'll be waiting