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released December 12, 2014



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Track Name: BEG YOU (prod. being gigantic)
i don't wanna beg you to see me
don't wanna have to ask you to speak
please don't make me plead you've been on my mind for weeks

i can't sleep without you now that i know what that's like
i tried so hard to make it feel like i don't need you in my life
tell me that you'll drive down soon and you'll make me feel alright
tell me that you need me too so i can sleep at night


tell me that you need me too so i can sleep at night
i know you've been hurt before, so have i

i won't tell my friends your name and you will do the same
both of us were here before but now it's not the same
Track Name: NOTHING (prod. being gigantic)
you pick me up in your car we drive but never too far
i act like i don't know who you are and we talked for hours parked outside my front yard
it's hard for me to let you in my home
spent all year cleaning and i'm not used to this feeling

i'm always checking every lock cause i can't take another break in
you're amazing / i'm afraid
i lost everything the last time i saw everything in me

told you call before you knock so i have warning
i'm just so paranoid from all the ones before you


don't make me cry again
i'm always breaking down and i always see you smiling
you tell me you keep your feelings quiet
to tell the truth i never really buy it

it took so much for me to say goodbye to you the last time
i almost started crying in the middle of my plane ride
i'm sorry i still call you every time i'm feeling down i just don't know how to cope now that i don't have you around

went from everything to nothing
gave you everything in me
left me nothing